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Moderation Rules

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1. Purpose of the site

The website owner wants to share ideas and thoughts with readers. The text may be downloaded, printed and freely used on the condition that, in case of use, the source must be identified.

2. The website owner

The author and owner of the site's articles and blog is Katalin Mlakár.

3. The website users

The website articles and blog entries can be read by anyone only as abstracts. The full contents are only available after registration and login. When registrating, your real name and valid email address must be defined. This email address will be checked by a confirmation letter. During registration a nick name is optional. The nick name as a unique content must conform to the rules described in moderation. An existing nick name on the site, or a confusingly similar name may not be used.

4. The web page in English

The English-language web site contains only the abstracts. After registration, a foreign user may ask for a translation of the full text.

5. Moderation Rules

All content appearing on this site is published by the owner. Thus, the comments will only be published after a formal permission procedure. The rules for comments:

• Does not contain unlawful content current,
• Meets generally accepted ethical standards,
• Does not contain any quoted content where there is no indication of origin,
• A comment may not contain any personal data, incl. the name of any person other than the person posting the comment. The exception to this rule may be naming the qouted author and source of her/his text, if the work has already been published by the author.
• No content that is rude, threatening, inappropriate or infringing other persons’ interests, rights in any other way, or links to such websites will be published on this website, including personal remarks discrediting other persons.
• Legal action may be taken by the Hosting operator or the website owner in case of content violating data security and privacy - viruses or other malware – on the website, or attempted data and/or identity theft.
• Advertisements and off topic comments may not appear.
• Comments without real content must be avoided, for example comments that merely agree or disagree without supporting this opinion by arguments.
The permission of users violating the above rules one time or two times will be suspended for one month, after the third offense, the user registration will be cancelled.

6. Security and privacy

Technical data protection and data security is the responsibility of the hosting provider. It is the personal responsibility of the site owner to handle the registered names and email addresses confidentially. The content of the comments will be archived together with all other publications but permanent storage will not be guaranteed.

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