Sunday, 03 December 2017 19:26

Andrei Khrennikov's Contextual Probability and the Two Slit Experiment

Quoted Khrennikov:

“One of problems was of purely mathematical character. The standard probabilistic formalism based on Kolmogorov’s axiomatics, 1933, was a fixed context formalism. This conventional probabilistic formalism does not provide rules of operating with probabilities calculated for different contexts. However, in quantum theory we have to operate with statistical data obtained for different complexes of physical conditions, contexts. In fact, this context dependence of probabilities as the origin of the superposition principle was already discussed by W. Heisenberg; unfortunately, only in quite general and rather philosophic framework.”1


  1. Khrennikov's contextualism
  2. What's next?
  3. Feynman and the two slit experiment
  4. Appendix


1Andrei Khrennikov, Contextual viewpoint to quantum stochastics”;

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017 10:23

„All things are numbers”

Martin Buber wrote: “In the beginning is the relation”1. I have liked this thought, but today I would prefer to say that “in the beginning is the information”. Information is nothing more than the relationship between things. This, of course, sounds strange, since brings up the question of how is it possible that one thing presuppose two things. I leave this paradox now without a word, but I will return to it sometime.2

I consider the information as a special kind of energy. Energy is a working ability and Tom Stonier3 defined information as settling ability. My revised Stonier’s definition is that information is a copying ability. The copying ability also means reproduction ability, so the information is the prerequisite for the appearance of life and then of the intellect.


1 Martin Buber, I and Thou

2 It is worth noting that this idea is related to the theory of string theory, in which the elementary entities are not point-like, but similar to string.

3 Tom Stonier, Information And The Internal Structure Of The Universe

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Thursday, 02 March 2017 15:40

Apropos of an ÉS’s article written by Károly Fazekas[1]


  1. On the individual's role
  2. On the society's and the social groups' role
  3. On the individual and the society affecting each other
    1. In peacetime
    2. In troublous time
  4. Conclusion

[1] ÉS is the abbreviation of “Élet és Irodalom”, which is a literary and political weekly.

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Sunday, 19 November 2017 18:03

László Lator

Short personal confession for birthday greetings

I do not appreciate László Lator, the poet, the translator, the essay writer, and the great teacher, there are many people who are more suitable in this. I contribute  to the good wishes with a personal confession.

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